Our Hijacked Brains tells my family’s harrowing journey to discover that my son’s autism symptoms were caused by a little known infection that was transmitted by me during my pregnancy.

Sammy struggled from the beginning. Nothing came easy for him. He was hyper, silly, and unfocused. When he was younger, he had a few friends, terrible coordination, and difficulty in school. Eventually, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

After many years, we learned that he had a stealth infection. Once we had a diagnosis, it took many additional years of searching to find an effective treatment that would work to clear the infection. In the process, we learned that my entire family was impacted.

Through our journey, 80% of Sammy’s ASD symptoms improved. At the age of 17, he went from needing long-term care and never expected to hold a job, to moving out of special education classes and studying for his ACT to attend a 4 year college.

I’m telling our family’s story to bring awareness to infections that can enter the brain and cause ASD, ADHD, psychiatric symptoms, and autoimmune diseases. With awareness, it’s my hope that others will seek answers from experts in the field and see similar improvements in their children and themselves.

Coming in 2022